PANAYIOTIS K. KAVVOURAS holds a PhD in Wood Science and Technology from University of Wales (UCNW, Bangor), UK. As head of the Wood Anatomy and Technology Laboratory at the Forest Research Institute, Athens, Greece ( he is engaged in a number of projects dealing with wood composites (process variables, adhesives), timber drying (solar drying, forced air drying), wood preservation (natural durability, non conventional preservatives) and conservation of archaeological wooden artefacts. From 1994 to 2005 visiting professor at the Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art at the Technological Institute of Athens, teaching conservation of lignocellulosic archaeological materials. His research now centres on: conservation of wooden artefacts (the application of silicone polymers for the conservation of wooden archaeological artefacts), rehabilitation and inspection of timber structures (evaluation of the quality of the timber elements in service, identification of biological degradation in timber elements, assessment of the residual strength capacity of structural timber elements in-service, actions to be followed for the conservation, consolidation or reinforcement ) and enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of wood-based panels in construction (improving the structural behaviour of wood based panels, increase their decay resistance and dimensional stability).